Scientologiska hemliga läror

Jag tänkte förgylla er vardag med några citat från de läror scientologerna förespråkar i en av sina sk kurser, PTS-kursen. Man förstår att materialet i dessa kurser hålls hemliga i klubben för inbördes beundran. PTS-kursen går ut på att hur man hanterar kritiker/suppresiva personer enkelt uttryckt.

HCO Bulletin of 5 November 1967:

If a group of ”scientists” were knowingly raising the number of insane to get more appropriation and ”treatment” fees and somebody came along with the real answer, that group would move heaven and earth to protect its billions of rake-off.

And so individuals, governments and ”scientists” attack Scientology.

It’s as simple as that. We do not treat the sick or the insane. We break no laws. We do more good in any ten minutes of this planet’s time than the combined efforts of all social ministries on Earth to better mankind.

Stated that way, however, it looks pretty hopeless and even dangerous to be a Scientologist.

Except it is totally hopeless and fatal not to be a Scientologist.

Those who are not Scientologists are left in complete ignorance of the motives of the dishonest. And they have no chance of personal immortality. It is as simple as that. It is better to be endangered but with a chance than to be condemned utterly and without one.

Those who criticize one for being a Scientologist or make snide remarks cannot stand a personal survey of past actions or motive. This happens to be a fortunate fact for us. The criminal abhors daylight. And we are the daylight.

Now, get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of Scientology, we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law. Wc do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts. Over and over wc prove this.


We are slowly and carefully teaching the unholy a lesson. It is as follows: ”We are not a law enforcement agency. BUT wc will become interested in the crimes of people who seek to stop us. If you oppose Scientology we promptly look up—and will find and expose—your crimes. If you leave us alone we will leave you alone.”

It’s very simple. Even a fool can grasp that.

And don’t underrate our ability to carry it out.

Our business is helping people to lead better lives. We even help those who have committed crimes, for we are not here to punish. But those who try to make life hard for us are at once at risk.

We are only interested in doing our job. And we are only interested in the crimes of those who try to prevent us from doing our work. There is no good reason to oppose Scientology. In our game everybody wins.

And we have this technical fact—those who oppose us have crimes to hide. It’s perhaps merely lucky that this is true. But it is true. And we handle opposition well only when we use it.


Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do.

Life will suddenly become much more interesting—and you’ll become much less suppressed!
— L. Ron Hubbard
HCOB 5 November 1967 Critics Of Scientology

Google om PTS kursen (som kostar ca 10 000 kr)



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